Monday, April 27, 2009

What Happens After DUI Arrest In California? Penalties for DUI In California You Must Know About

Dui is a serious offense. The penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction can include paying very high fines and court fees, having your auto insurance premiums skyrocket or your policy canceled, losing your driver’s license and spending time in jail. The consequences increase if there was an accident or physical harm caused by driving under the influence. ACalifornia dui should not be taken lightly or ignored. You need the gulf county dui attorneys at musca law to help you fight the charges and restore peace to your life. To contact the gulf county dui criminal defense lawyers at musca law, fill out the consultation request form to the left or call. (850) 254-9000. The initial consultation is free and confidential. Time is important.

Dui is a lesser charge. In these states, a dui usually signifies a lesser degree of intoxication, which is determined by a person's blood alcohol level at the time of arrest. Sometimes, states will allow the charges of a dwi to be reduced to a dui with the help of a defense. In the case of a reduction from a dwi to a dui, certain conditions typically must be met, such as the incident being a first offense, the defendant's display of remorse for the action, and a blood alcohol level that was not drastically over the legal limit. For example, new york state differentiates between dwi and dui by establishing a blood alcohol level of. 08 as the legal limit for dwi. If a person has a blood alcohol level of. 07, the charges may be reduced to a dui, which carries a lesser punishment. Some states throughout the country have developed a. Zero tolerance. Policy, and consequently, they do not recognize any difference between a dui and a dwi. As far as the laws of these states are concerned, any blood alcohol level over the specified limit is a crime that will be punished in the same manner. In some states, the terms dui and dwi are used to indicate whether a person was driving impaired under the influence of drugs or alcohol.